Have a Flag Flown at the Ohio Statehouse  


The flags are made and hand-stitched by Ohio prisoners.


If you are interested in having a flag flown at the Ohio Statehouse, you can request the date for it to be flown and have the Certificate of Authenticity customized to indicate the name of an individual, couple, family, group, business, school, etc.  You may also designate a reason.  Some common reasons are:

  • Retirement                                                                                   For Example:
  • Anniversary
  • Earning the rank of Eagle Scout                                                 This flag was flown at the Ohio Statehouse
  • Marriage                                                                                      on September 22, 2014 in honor of Jane Doe
  • Special birthday                                                                           for her 80th Birthday and is provided to you
  • Service to country                                                                       with the cooperation of the Capitol Square
  • In Memoriam                                                                                         Review and Advisory Board.


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